(BFFs: Female Friendship in the Time of Girls.) "Besties" are found everywhere in contemporary fiction, television, and film. Usually placed behind romantic relationships, female friendship is now understood to be a powerful and even transformative dynamic, one that is central to female identity. Men and lovers take a back seat: Carrie Bradshaw describes her girlfriends as her "soul mates" in Sex and the City. A "Coldplay song plays in my heart" whenever Hannah Horvath sees her two closest friends in Girls. Are BFFs taking over the usual unions of romantic or erotic love? How much are girlfriends the focus of these stories? In this course, we examine these contemporary representations of female friendship, from the four character "types" at the center of Sex and the City and Girls to the erotic and dangerous "besties" of Emma Cline's The Girls. Throughout, we discover the many sides of this complex, and contradictory, relationship. No prerequisites. (Meets GEC Cultural Diversity)