(Summer 2018 Topic: Yoga: Culture, Theory, and Practice) What is the history of yoga, from ancient Eastern religious origins to contemporary Western body culture? Taking a multidisciplinary approach towards the cultural, philosophical, and physical practices that we call yoga, we analyze a range of media from written texts and documentary films to Instagram and reality television. We spend three days each week in a seminar setting and once a week we will roll out our mats for a firsthand exploration of postures, meditation, and mindfulness. Topics include colonialism, orientalism, and cultural appropriation in yoga's history, a comparative analysis of the Eastern yogic subject and the Western modern subject, and their distinctive concepts of body, mind, and spirit. We ask what a "yoga body" looks like, from Lululemon and yoga as a competitive sport to the body positivity and disability rights movements. We also consider the emergent scientific discourse around yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.